W H A T ' S    I T    A L L    A B O U T ?
Did you know there are over 248 nations in the world? If each has its own cuisine, the world is a huge menu with plenty of dishes to try. That's why I will travel around the world to meet inspiring people who will show me their favourite dishes and will teach me how to cook them. I will keep you posted with stories of these meetings here on my blog. Bon Appetit!

And when I come back I will collect all the memories in a cookbook capturing most delicious flavours I can find around the world. Yummy!

W H A T ' S    T H E    P L A N
I visit a country - I meet local mates - I get to know their favourite foods - I share the story with you - VOILLA!!

W A T C H    M Y    V I D E O   &   C H E C K   T H E   R O U T E