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Addictive cripsy delights - Yunnan springrolls

7:39 PMFilip

Although spring rolls are mistakenly attributed to China (while they are Vietnamese), those I actually tried there were just delicious. And being super verstaile when it comes to filling, they are a perfect snack or party finger food!

Let’s start with a bit of clarification for newbies. Fact #1: spring rolls originated form Vietnam. Fact #2: original (Vietnamese) spring rolls are made with rice paper and are served fresh. Fact #3: spring rolls made in China are made of wheat paper and are fried. That’s pretty it.

Traditional Yunnan springs are made with pork-vermicelli-spring onion filling, seasoned with garlic and sesame oil. Simple and enjoyable flavors hidden in golden crispy shell of thin dough. However, there are no limits to what you actually put inside - whatever you fancy is ok. Vegetarian option: sure. Different kind of meat: no problems. Extra seasoning: why not. Use your imagination and mix in the filing whatever suits you best!

Frying the filling...
...straining it...
I’ve learnt how to make them during a wonderful cooking class at Rice & Friends cooking school in Dali. If you ever visit Dali, this class in something not to be missed. Luxi, school’s owner and the teacher is an amazing person with great attitude and knowledge. What she taught me about Yunnan spring rolls, are a few basic things that you have to keep in mind: ingredients have to be fresh; everything has to be chopped and ready for quick frying; when fried, filling has to be strained well, so the excessive moist doesn’t make the wrapping paper tear apart when frying; wrapped spring rolls have to be fried very quickly on a very hot wok. If you follow these, your Yunnan spring rolls will rock. 

So, are you ready for some wrapping?