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Famous beer fish of Yangshuo

7:24 PMFilip

Chinese Yangshuo in Guangxi province is famous mostly for the breathtaking karst scenery. Yi river snakes around limestone hills and tangerine plantations. Seriously, it’s a rural utopia! And it should be known for at least one more thing - freshwater fish in beer (correct!). 

Yangshuo’s beer fish was another of dishes that have change my  mind - towards carp, this time. Though we usually eat it only once a year in Poland (on a Christmas Eve), it’d always find a way to avoid this dish. A bit muddy and actually lacking of taste. It might be just me but I really didn’t like it Until I tried the beer fish dish in Guangxi. It was an eye-opener!

I tried this dish with some Chinese friends in a small local restaurant where I was the only outsider. The fish we were served was very sweet and tender, almost melting in your mouth. A big common plate was full of rich and aromatic sauce with celery, ginger, spring onions, red pepper, big chunks of tofu and - of course - pleasant beer aftertaste. It all together made very enjoyable dish, so rich in flavours and textures. A perfect combination of fresh-water fish, vegetables and seasoning - one of the best fish dishes I had in a long time. Wait until you try it!